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What is Ashtanga Mysore Style? 

It's a traditional yoga system originated in India. This practice adapts to your rhythm and your needs, which compared to other yoga styles, makes it so unique and special. Each student has personalized attention from the teacher, and the practice is modified to respect each student's limits.

The idea is that you learn how to do your practice without being dependent on a teacher. This way you can take it anywhere, adapting it your schedule and space.

The most important part of the practice is the breath and how we connect mind and body to be present. Synchronising the breath with postures to achieve a meditative state.

This practice helps you develop strength, flexibility, stability and concentration.

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Class Schedule

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This is our current class schedule. Please book your space here before coming to class.
6.00 AM - 9.00 AM  Mysore  Steph
6.00 AM - 9.00 AM  Mysore  Steph
6.00 AM - 9.00 AM  Mysore  Steph
6.00 AM - 9.00 AM  Mysore  Steph
6.00 AM - 9.00 AM  Mysore  Steph
9.00 - 10.30 AM  Clase Guiada  Naty

* Los paquetes tienen vigencia de 30 días.

** La renta del mat tiene un costo de $50 mxn.




Come practice with us!

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