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Mysore Style classes are taught individually in a group setting. It's not a guided class, all the instructions are given to each student. As you develop strength, stamina, flexibility, and focus more postures will be added to your practice advancing slowly in the sequence. 
This allows you to have personal attention, that you wouldn't normally get in other guided classes. It's a great way to learn specially for beginners. Because you are taught little by little, in a simple way, following your development, resulting in less injuries. 
Ashtanga is for everyone, you don't need any experience, special skills, flexibility or physical condition , you just need to come to class.  
Mysore classes help students focus in the sound and rhythm of their breath instead of focusing on what the teacher's voice. In this way the practice becomes a personal meditation in movement. It's physically and mentally demanding, but it comes with great benefits.
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