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About Us

We are a Yoga studio dedicated to teaching Ashtanga in a traditional way, sharing all the knowledge we have learnt directly form Paramguru Sharath Jois, and certified and authorized teachers by Sharath Yoga Center.


We opened our doors in October 2018 in Colonia Roma, Mexico city to offer classes to everyone interested in learning and deepening their practice of Ashtanga Yoga, no matter the age, sex, or physical abilities.


We want to share our passion for this practice observing and caring for each student in their individual process, according to their strengths and limitations. 


Stephanie Benatar

Stephanie Benatar (Authorized Level 1 Teacher) practices yoga since 2009, focusing on Ashtanga Yoga since 2012. This was the year she traveled to Mysore, India to study with Sharath Jois at SYC (Sharath Yoga Center, formerly KPJAYI) for the first time. She has returned three more times to keep studying with her teacher Sharath Jois.


During these years besides going to SYC, she has studied with other authorized and certified teachers around the world like: Mauricio Victorica, Arne Espejel, Gibran González, Annie Pace, Kirsten Berg, Mitchell Gold, Zaira Gómez, Richard Freeman, and Mary Taylor.


She started teaching Vinyasa Yoga classes in 2011, but since 2013 she teaches Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style in a traditional way in private and group classes. Currently she teaches at Shala MX Ashtanga Yoga and also keeps some private students.

Co Founder and Teacher at Shala MX Ashtanga Yoga.

Natalia Fernández

Natalia Fernández started her yoga practice in 2005. Her passion for Ashtanga emerged in an Ashtanga Yoga workshop with Rossana Galanzi (Certified teacher by Lino Miele) in Caracas. In 2010 she went to Rome to learn and deepen her practice with Lino Miele.


In 2015 she went to Mysore, India for the first time to study with Sharath Jois. Years later she returned (2019-2020) to SYC to keep studying and deepening her practice under the guidance of her teacher, Sharathji. 

During these years she has practiced with authorized and certified teachers around the worls like: Arné Espejel, Mauricio Victorica, Zaira Gómez, Liz Carrasquel, Mati Guerra, Patrick Nolan, andTim Miller


Currently she teaches Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style in a traditional way at Shala MX Ashtanga Yoga 


Co Founder and teacher at Shala MX Ashtanga Yoga.

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